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About Weidel's Boxwood Farm

Weidel Boxwood Farm has owned nearly 200 horses since 1978, and has trained or sold 100s more. The horses include the much famed stallions 1971 Juan De Shawn and 1984 Tikisflaming Jet+/ . These stallions have made a dramatic mark on the Arabian racing industry, as has Pamela Weidel herself. Weidel also owns AF Big Bucks who is currently the North American Youth National Endurance GOLD MEDAL winner.

Some of the other outstanding Weidel Boxwood Farm horses include the great runners AF Sirpass ($70,267); and the prepotent broodmare Bygosh Bygolly, who has produced superstars: Djolly Good ($85,070 and later exported), Toute De Suite ($62,176), Gotcha Covered who won the Triple Crown Jr. Championship in Endurance, the incredible racetrack mare Burning Gee PW and Qjuick Sand PW who has earned two Darley Championship Titles! The "PW" behind the names of the Weidel-bred horses are not just the initials for Pam Weidel. PW stands for PROVEN WINNERS. The horses truely live up to their names.

Congratulations to the TOP ENDURANCE Athletes that Weidel Boxwood Farm has bred or sold to Valarie Kanavy, Sandra Fretterlierre, Kara thomas, Jennifer Townes, Chris Mccarthy, Robin Greces, Helen Shelley Steve Rojek.

Weidel's Boxwood Farm Services


Weidel Boxwood Farm offers leases, boarding and special attention in rehabilitating horses with special nutritional needs. Weidel´s daughter Anita Rivella is now the manager of the farm and specially in touch with all of the horses that come to Weidel Boxwood Farm for care.


Weidel Boxwood Farm currently owns and stands the proven endurance sire, 16+ hand, Sporthorse Approved stallion Barkon, who also enjoyed a multi race winning career on track and was a top ten endurance career before retiring to stud. He is 20 now... available for limited breeding to select mares.

Horses for Sale

Weidel Boxwood Farm Mares currently available are a KONG daughter, excellent race pedigree, and a linebred KONTIKI broodmare in foal to BURNING SAND leading sire in North America for racing.

Expertise in selection of horses for racing and or distance riding, for private clients, is the speciality of Weidel´s Boxwood Farm. Contact Pamela Weidel to find out how we can help you.

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